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The Gay Brown Carrie Bradshaw the world needs

O. School
Sexual Wellness & Personal Essays

Fertility treatments for Queer People: options and resources

Growing up Catholic and relearning what pleasure means to me

Swell by Dame Wellness
Sexual Wellness & Branded Content

How to Make Your Own Porn

What is Orgasm Denial?

Can you have an orgasm from working out?

What is Gender Euphoria?

The complicated legacy of the Kinsey Scale

Trends with Benefits by MUDWTR
Identity & Culture:

Finding the gender identity of my wildest dreams

Are you losing sleep over social media?

Flex Menstrual Cups & Discs
Health & Wellness:

What to do if your child is experiencing gender dysphoria

Sustainable and reusable period products: Here’s how far we’ve come

What’s the difference between PMS and PMDD?

What is the vaginal fornix?

6 weird but effective ways to deal with PMS symptoms

How your vagina changes over time

Ask an OB-GYN: Can tampons cause yeast infections?

Tilted, Slanted or Tipped: What it actually means to have a retroverted uterus

Is there any way to shorten your period? The verdict

Lifestyle, Culture & Advocacy:
Celebrating your child’s first period with the ultimate first period kit

Flex Fits Your Life: Wearing a cup or disc during a 12-hour shift

How 16-year-old Tessa Gabriel Meil is fighting for menstrual equity

Cuddling is good for your health (and other reasons to get cozy this winter)

We asked 3 yoga instructors for their favorite period flows

Journal prompts for self-reflection, in relationship to racial justice

Five short gratitude exercises to add to your daily routine 

How to respond when someone calls you racist

An ode to my pubic hair

5 menstrual rituals around the world and what they can teach us

The Quality Edit
Product Reviews & Round-ups

7 BIPOC-owned businesses you need to know about

How to be your own boo: 6 gifts to get yourself for Valentine’s Day 

The Quality Makers: Mallory Solomon of Salam Hello

5 brands that make gender-affirming swimwear for non-binary and trans folx

Hempbase CBD Vapes & Edibles
Branded Content & Copywriting
*byline uses my old name, Beatriz Kaye

Hempbase Website Copy

Are you using CBD properly? *

How CBD and Astrology can help us live our best lives *

CBD 101: Terpenes *

CBD 101: How CBD relieves anxiety *

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