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O. School
Sexual Wellness & Personal Essays

Fertility treatments for Queer People: options and resources

Growing up Catholic and relearning what pleasure means to me

Flex Menstrual Cups & Discs
Health, Wellness and Lifestyle blog posts

What to do if your child is experiencing gender dysphoria

Celebrating your child’s first period with the ultimate first period kit

What’s the difference between PMS and PMDD?

Flex Fits Your Life: Wearing a cup or disc during a 12-hour shift

Journal prompts for self-reflection, in relationship to racial justice

Five short gratitude exercises to add to your daily routine

10 movies and TV shows to watch about racial injustice 

How to respond when someone calls you racist

10 pop culture moments that taught us about our periods

An ode to my pubic hair

What the hell is the vaginal fornix?

5 menstrual rituals around the world and what they can teach us

The purchase that made staying at home for months bearable

How the Arizona Bar Association’s policies discriminated against people with periods

Physical distancing won’t stop us from building strong romantic relationships

Crystals and how they can help you with menstruation

How your vagina changes over time

Ask an OB-GYN: Can tampons cause yeast infections?

Lioness Femtech Vibrators
Sexual Wellness and Personal Essays

How the pandemic allowed me to celebrate my genderfluidity

Orgasms aren’t just for stress relief, and here’s why

Will masturbating relieve my PMDD symptoms?

How my menstrual cycle affects my orgasms

Balancing body positivity and exercise for better orgasms

Measuring the business between porn and erotica

Hempbase CBD Vapes & Edibles
Branded Content & Copywriting
*byline uses my old name, Beatriz Kaye

Hempbase Website Copy

Are you using CBD properly? *

How CBD and Astrology can help us live our best lives

CBD 101: Terpenes

CBD 101: How CBD relieves anxiety

Fashion, Beauty and Wellness Reporting + Personal Essays
*byline uses my old name, Beatriz Kaye

What I learned about myself after seven years on Tinder *

How racism and fatphobia prevent us from getting a PCOS diagnosis *

These photos of plus-size Asian women smizing poolside are EVERYTHING *

How fashion brands led by Women of Color are redefining “nude” to push diversity forward *

Everything you need to know about CBD, the hyped-up and confusing skin care ingredient 

18 plus-size Women of Color to follow on Instagram for style and beauty inspo *

Lizzo is in the newest issue of Playboy, redefining the centerfold *

I tried a CBD-infused facial, and it put me in a meditative state *

The best times Billy Porter slayed genderfluid realness on the red carpet *

What watching Lizzie McGuire taught me about White America *

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