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The Gay Brown Carrie Bradshaw the world needs

O. School
Sexual Wellness & Personal Essays

Fertility treatments for Queer People: options and resources

Growing up Catholic and relearning what pleasure means to me

Swell by Dame Wellness
Sexual Wellness & Branded Content

How to Make Your Own Porn

What is Orgasm Denial?

Can you have an orgasm from working out?

Trends with Benefits by MUDWTR
Identity & Culture:

Finding the gender identity of my wildest dreams

Flex Menstrual Cups & Discs
Health & Wellness:

What to do if your child is experiencing gender dysphoria

Sustainable and reusable period products: Here’s how far we’ve come

What’s the difference between PMS and PMDD?

What is the vaginal fornix?

6 weird but effective ways to deal with PMS symptoms

How your vagina changes over time

Ask an OB-GYN: Can tampons cause yeast infections?

Tilted, Slanted or Tipped: What it actually means to have a retroverted uterus

Is there any way to shorten your period? The verdict

Lifestyle, Culture & Advocacy:
Celebrating your child’s first period with the ultimate first period kit

Flex Fits Your Life: Wearing a cup or disc during a 12-hour shift

How 16-year-old Tessa Gabriel Meil is fighting for menstrual equity

Cuddling is good for your health (and other reasons to get cozy this winter)

We asked 3 yoga instructors for their favorite period flows

Journal prompts for self-reflection, in relationship to racial justice

Five short gratitude exercises to add to your daily routine 

How to respond when someone calls you racist

An ode to my pubic hair

5 menstrual rituals around the world and what they can teach us

The Quality Edit
Product Reviews & Round-ups

7 BIPOC-owned businesses you need to know about

How to be your own boo: 6 gifts to get yourself for Valentine’s Day 

The Quality Makers: Mallory Solomon of Salam Hello

5 brands that make gender-affirming swimwear for non-binary and trans folx

Hempbase CBD Vapes & Edibles
Branded Content & Copywriting
*byline uses my old name, Beatriz Kaye

Hempbase Website Copy

Are you using CBD properly? *

How CBD and Astrology can help us live our best lives *

CBD 101: Terpenes *

CBD 101: How CBD relieves anxiety *

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